Life Activation

Life Activation is one of the most powerful and life changing healing modalities on the planet! It infuses the body with pure light, activating and awakening your core spiritual blueprint, and opening pathways for you to access a deeper understanding of who you are and what your unique life purpose is.

It is generally the first healing session for most people, as it lays the foundation for all other healing. Healing, at its core, is a process of remembering who you are, reclaiming your power, and letting go of anything that stands in the way.

Life Activation has been described as “turning on the lights,” as it allows you to see yourself and your life from a higher perspective. It reveals the patterns of thought and behavior that hold you back in your life and prevent you from being all that you are. It supports you in working through blocks and limitations, and opens new doors to access higher potentials, allowing you step forward into a life that is more aligned with your joy and authenticity.

As the energies of the Life Activation integrate over time, clients often report feeling more confident, a deeper connection to themselves and their purpose, and a greater sense of clarity and strength in moving towards it. They begin to connect with and harness more of their innate power, passions, talents, and gifts, and weave these together to create a life of true self-expression and joy!

Session length- 1 hour, 30 minutes


"My experience with Life Activation has been amazing. In the past few months I've found myself growing and learning at such a fast rate. Lessons seem to come much quicker and easier, and my confidence and personal intuition have reached an all time high. The Life Activation process was incredibly rejuvenating, and Jess was such a calming, reassuring presence throughout it all." - Carly M.

"I would recommend Life Activation for anyone who wishes to move forward on their life journey.

I find Jess to be a very kind, supportive, and compassionate Light worker." - Donna-Lee M.

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