Life Activation


Life Activation is a 3,000+ year old healing modality that was designed to help humans awaken to and access their higher potential. It is one of the most powerful and life changing healing modalities that exists on the planet!

Life Activation infuses the body with pure light, activating and awakening your core spiritual blueprint and opening pathways to access a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique life purpose. It establishes a new and profound connection to your Higher Self, laying the foundation for true healing to take place.

Life Activation is often described as “turning on the lights,” as it allows you to see more of yourself and your life from a higher perspective. It begins to illuminate the limiting patterns that hold you back and gives you the clarity and strength to overcome them.

Over time, new doors begin to open, giving you the opportunity to step forward into a life that is more aligned with your passion, joy, and authenticity. As the energies of Life Activation integrate, clients often report feeling more confident, a deeper connection to themselves and their purpose, and a greater sense of direction in moving towards it. 

Life Activation Part 1: $250*

Life Activation Part 2: $250*

Life Activation Package: $450* (Includes Life Activation Parts 1 and 2, Negative Energy Clearing, and Emotional Cord Cutting)

*Includes a one month supply of Purificato & Crystalis - vibrational elixirs to assist with clearing & integration

"I feel like I'm finally starting to become the person I was meant to be."
                                                                                                                                       - S.M.

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