Empowerment Sessions

Aura Healing 

For Stress, Trauma, & Substance Use

The aura is an energetic field that surrounds and protects the body. The Aura Healing repairs damage to the aura caused by stress, trauma, emotional attachment, and substance use. The aura healing fills and repairs the weakened areas in the aura, allowing you to establish and set healthier boundaries, develop a stronger sense of self, and feel more whole.​


Shamanic Aura Clearing

The Shamanic Aura Clearing is a simple yet powerful technique for clearing energetic, mental, and emotional attachments. It can be thought of as clearing out the "dust" or "debris" from toxic environments that gets stored in the aura. It helps you to effortlessly release the dense, stagnant energies that weigh you down, clear the mind, and leaves you feeling lighter, clearer and more free. ​


Ensofic Ray Healing Modality (Ensofic Reiki)

The Ensofic Ray Healing Modality is the complete system of Reiki for harmonizing

and unifying the body, mind, soul, and spirit. Generally done as a series of three

sessions, this modality has the power to dissolve and heal blockages on every level,

helping you to break free old patterns and move forward with grace and ease. 

Ensofic Reiki can also be done long- distance to support physical healing, soothe the

nervous system, and restore tranquility and peace of mind.

Full Series (3 sessions): $600

Single session: $250

Egyptian 7 Layer Aura Healing (Sacred Geometry 3)

For Healing and Manifestation

The Egyptian 7 Layer Aura Healing is a ceremonial healing for manifesting or healing a specific intention that you choose. This session clears blockages in all 7 layers of the aura, and works with sacred geometry to restructure your mind and energy to align with your intention. As this energy fully integrates, barriers fall away, pathways open, and new opportunities begin to appear.


Fire Soul Infusion (Sacred Geometry 5)

Fire Soul Infusion awakens and balances the Kundalini, or primal life energy, helping to move you forward into your next level. Tap into your personal power and harness the energy to overcome depression, apathy, and blockages, and awaken new levels of passion and creativity. This session also facilitates profound healing around intimacy & sexuality, and will open new doors for healing within relationships. 


Core Will Infusion (Sacred Geometry 6)

Core Will Infusion works with the auric and etheric fields to strengthen and align your personal Will with your Higher Will. It clears the central core of old energies and "stuff" that has accumulated over time, helping to quiet the mind and reconnect you with what's most important. Develop a stronger drive to live your Higher Purpose, a clearer "knowing" of your path (where you're going, and how to get there), and a greater ability to rise above resistance and distractions. This session is incredibly supportive for overcoming patterns of co-dependency and all forms addictions.


Spark of Life (Remote Session)

Spark of Life is a remote (distance) session that directs the Highest Rays of Creation into the core of your being. 

It connects with and amplifies your essence, the purest part of you, so that you can experience more of “you.” This session is incredibly supportive in achieving greater balance, overcoming apathy, enhancing desire, and gives you that extra boost to set things in motion in your life. 


Negative Energy Clearing & Emotional Cord Cutting

This session clears negative energies and cuts away the energetic ties that keep us locked in repetitive patterns within relationships. As the energy that is stored in those cords is freed up we have the ability to make new choices and move forward in our lives. 


Crystal Healing

Crystals are powerful and versatile healing tools. Each one holds a unique energy that helps to heal and realign imbalances within the physical body, mind, and emotions. Crystal Healings help facilitating healing around emotional pain or wounding, spark greater empowerment, assist with healing the physical, mental, & emotional bodies, increase vitality, and assist in orienting and reconnecting parts of us that have been scattered or disconnected. These healings bring about a state deep relaxation, a sense of oneness, and an overall feeling of inner peace and comfort.​​​



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