Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation, often the second step after Life Activation, awakens and anchors higher levels of consciousness, allowing a more cohesive integration of body, mind, and soul.


It enhances the nervous system and awakens the senses, helping us to experience more of ourselves and the world around us.


This session helps to regulate mood and motivation, overcome apathy, feel more alive and experience more joy!

Session length- 1 hour, 30 minutes


"Since my Full Spirit Activation, I have experienced profound peace in my life. Important decisions that once seemed daunting are gradually becoming easier to face, and I am beginning to feel stronger on my own two feet. More than ever before I feel in touch who who I truly am. I trust my inner guidance in a deeper way than I knew to be possible. I would recommend this work to anyone who is serious about finding more light and seeing their world with greater clarity." - Steven F.

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