Ensofic Ray

(Ensofic Reiki )

Ensofic Ray is the complete system of Reiki for harmonizing and unifying the body, mind, soul, and spirit. It has the power to dissolve and heal blockages on every level and ..... 

This healing is done as a set of three sessions

Length of Session-

1 hour, 30 minutes

This modality is done as series of three sessions, $600

"I received the Ensofic 3 series from Jess and it was one of the most powerful healings I have ever received. It felt like coming home. I felt a loving, tender, healing energy that my physical and energetic bodies were craving so badly. I had no idea how much I needed it until during the sessions. I felt like I was completely reset, with the energies within me were rearranged to be working at optimal capacity. I would recommend Ensofic with Jess to anyone, such a balancing and clearing modality." - Madison W.

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