What Is The Modern Mystery School?


The Modern Mystery School is a school for Advanced Spiritual Study and Healing. Mystery Schools have existed on this planet for thousands of years and have long held the keys to self- discovery, true personal empowerment, and unlocking the highest human potential. At the core of the teachings lies the maxim, “Know Thyself”. To "Know Thyself" is to know yourself, others, and the Universe. When you truly know yourself you come to know your greatness and the true breadth of your power. You understand that you are the creator of your world and that you have the power and ability to rise above any limitation to consciously create the life you desire.

Knowing yourself is also coming to know your unique life purpose. It is a process of discovering why you are here and unfolding the gifts that you are here to bring to the world. This is the key to true joy and fulfillment! The more we know and embody our true selves, the more we are able to harness our passions and gifts and flow these in service to others, filling our lives with meaning, purpose, joy, fulfillment, and true abundance.

The Modern Mystery School it provides an Initiatory Path of Progression which, over time, will unlock the inner gates of self-knowledge and help you to discover the map that leads you to knowing yourself and living a life a fulfillment that is truly in alignment with your life's higher purpose. 

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