Jessica Morris


Jessica helps people to heal & unify the multi-dimensional aspects of themselves and align with their life purpose, freeing them to live an expansive, joyful and fulfilling life. Trained and certified by the Modern Mystery School as a Healer, Life Activation Practitioner, and Meditation Instructor, her background is in human psychology. She previously worked within the mental health and social work fields prior to beginning her private healing practice in 2015.


As a spiritual healer Jessica empowers people to live their highest purpose and achieve their full potential. Using Ancient, Sacred Lineage tools she helps clients to awaken the core essence of who they are and unlock their innate gifts, strengths, and passions. Her style is kind and gentle, gently guiding and assisting clients to bring together all of the different aspects of themselves into a strong, whole, unified self.


At the core of Jessica’s work with clients is the Life Activation and her personal study and practice with the Universal Kabbalah- the study of life, and alchemy of the soul. This work directly translates to her clients and her unique ability to support them in transforming their lives into their highest expression, opening doors for them to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and abundant life.

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